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Delivery or Takeout? | Homebirth | Knowledge You Need
  • Of 146,752 low risk women, those who gave birth at home had lower (by more...
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Paleo-Deficit Disorder: New Evidence

Worried it may be too late to learn about what a healthy gut microbiome looks like? I am.

That’s why studies like this one entitled Subsistence strategies in traditional societies...

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Immunity: The Emerging Truth

In Humble Awe of Human Complexity

Eastern wisdom tells us that when we think we know, we don't. But when we admit ignorance, we achieve enlightenment. The most profound part of my departure...

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The OCD Cure You Haven't Heard Of

"Every time I have the thought that I want to harm my husband, I have to spend about 15-20 minutes organizing the utensils in our drawer just perfectly. It's exhausting and so disturbing. I love...

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Cranial Electrical Stimulation: Technology For Anxiety And Depression

While I am most interested in root-cause-resolution of what we are calling depression and anxiety, resulting from food intolerancessugar imbalancethyroid autoimmunity...

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Heard of the Glycemic Index? Forget It!

We are so saturated with information. With stimulus. With advice. With authoritative edicts on health. A chain of gurus have come before me seeking to guide patients into the light of wellness....

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I Chose This? The Purpose of Suffering

There's nothing worse than blaming the victim, right? But what if radical responsibility is the first step towards personal freedom? What if it isn't bad genes, bad luck, that toxic...

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The Microbiome of the Womb

Far from the sterile womb hypothesis, we are beginning to appreciate the nature of maternal-fetal communication on levels never dreamt necessary, possible, or even safe. Read what Keith Bell...

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Probiotic Power: Dissolving Depression

Are you sick of hearing about good bacteria yet? I’m not. I’m loving the near deluge of literature decimating germ theory and forcing us to revisit all existing medical science.


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The Divine Feminine: Will You Let Her Rise?

I am reading a book about Goddesses, hoping to shed more light on the mystical power of the divine feminine – that inborn force that we must learn to wield, to hold gently but firmly so that...

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Who's in Charge of the American Diet?

Ever wonder how the US government formulates the dietary recommendations that it then passes on to you and your families? One would hope that the committees dedicated to creating said...

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What's to Eat?

As we have been disconnected from the natural world, we have been disconnected from our own intuitive sense. This sense has helped us cultivate health and resist illness for the better part of...

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