Vital Mind Stories: Reversing Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia

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You may believe that there are some “mental illnesses” that really require medication. Top of that list is likely to be chronic paranoid Schizophrenia, I would imagine.

The story you are about to hear defies this assumption. Sandra is a fierce mother who has devoted her life to her son’s chronic and debilitating diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Now 20, he has spent much of his adult life on locked inpatient units, forcibly restrained, suicidal, actively psychotic, and even non-verbal. A picture of the failures of antipsychotic medication, both Sandra and her son were considering assisted suicide because they didn’t know there was another way.

What has unfolded in the space of 5 weeks since completing the diet and detox elements of Vital Mind Reset is the most inspirational case I have ever come across in my career.

They are both on their way to reclaiming their health, vitality, and freedom from a system of abuse.

Yes, anyone can heal. With the right information, motivation, and readiness, anyone can heal, reverse diagnoses, and come off of medications safely.

You can read the published the published case report here


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