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KELLY BROGAN, MD, is a holistic psychiatrist, author of the New York Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, Own Your Self, the children’s book, A Time For Rain, and co-editor of the landmark textbook Integrative Therapies for Depression.

The suppression of inquiry around vaccination science, policy, and practice is unacceptable and smacks of faith-based adherence to a faltering tradition of paternalistic medicine. Recently, Sayer Ji, of Green Med Info, waded into these murky waters in an effort to raise awareness around the witch hunt in our midst. He discusses:

Take Katie Couric’s recent show about the human papilloma vaccine (HPV) vaccine as an example…

Katie featured the testimony of Emily Tarsell, whose daughter Christina died at the age of 21 after receiving the Gardasil brand HPV vaccine. She also interviewed Dr. Diane Harper, MD, an international expert on HPV.

Both painted a picture of the vaccine entirely at odds with the one projected by the health authorities like the CDC, who promulgate the overly simplified narrative, ceaselessly echoed in the mainstream media and the public mind, ‘HPV causes cancer,’  ‘HPV vaccines offer the best protection,” and ‘HPV vaccines are safe,’

He also address the reality of what we understand to be an association between HPV infection and progression to cancer, and the limitations of that association, dispelling the myth that infection = cancer:

The odds therefore are clearly in the favor of HPV-associated abnormal cell changes (so-called ‘precancerous’ lesions) regressing naturally like most self-limiting viral infections.

If infection and associated cellular changes do not = cancer, than the life-saving properties of the vaccine could never be asserted, and certainly not within the 1-2 decade lifespan of a developing cervical carcinoma, let alone the fast-tracked dearth of legitimate research.

Finally, he sheds light on the victimization of the African American female community who are receiving all risk and impossible benefit from this heavily marketed intervention:

African-American women are twice as likely as Caucasian women to die from cervical cancer, HPV vaccines target strains of HPV that are far less likely to infect them, and are not found in the most concerning precancerous abnormalities.

Understanding cancer as a multi-factorial lifestyle disease reflective of permissive bodily conditions facilitating responsive growth requires an appreciation of the role of nutrition, host immunity, and toxic exposure. These are foreign terms to most recommending this intervention.  The problem with reliance on a pharmaceutical product for “prevention” is that:

Failing to make this evidence available, or misrepresenting and/or concealing it…violates the medico-ethical principle of informed consent

Here is your opportunity to get informed. Read the entire article on Green Med Info!