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Stop the Madness: Coming Off Antidepressants & Antipsychotics

When the Madness Started

“I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling sick with no real diagnosis. I have always been small, and was as a kid. My stomach always ached. I had diarrhea...
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The Power of Belief: New Placebo Data

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Thanks to the work of Dr. Irving Kirsch, we now know that the majority of the effect of antidepressants is attributable to the “active...

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Probiotics for the Brain

Every functional medicine psychiatrist has case stories of the ‘probiotic cure’ – of a patient with debilitating symptoms, often obsessive compulsive range, whose symptoms...

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Statins: Mental Health Sabotage

A new review article called Neuropsychiatric Adverse Events Associated with Statins: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Prevention and Management discusses the state of the literature around...

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The New Psychiatry: Forget Everything You Think You Know About Mental Health

I felt this sensation in the pit of my stomach -- it was a combination of sympathy and anger -- listening to Annie tell me, through tears, about her postpartum journey into the world of psychiatry....

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Psychosis and Vitamins?

Several studies have indicated a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia, but a recent study is the first to identify deficiency at the onset (first episode),...

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Pregnancy-Friendly Protection? The Truth About Whooping Cough Vaccine

So, you’re trying to grow a plant. You take it inside, in a little pot. You feed it fertilizer, put it under lights, and when it starts to wilt, you prop it up with all sorts of sticks and...

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The Role of Psychiatric Meds in School Violence

I recently wrote a post on Fearless Parent, where I am Medical Director, to address concerns about the role of psychiatric meds in school violence. Take a look and see that I'm not the only one who...

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Weighing Treatment Options - What Informs Choices?

Sitting in a CEDH-sponsored homeopathy course, I shared the discomfort that many of the allopathically-trained students felt percolating when the instructor admitted to a minimal evidence...

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