Are you ready to get well?

Discover evidence-based, holistic alternatives for becoming happier and healthier and let go of anxiety, depression and brain fog.

Just imagine what could happen if…

…instead of fighting with reality, you committed today, for 44 days, to a step-by-step protocol that has scientifically proven outcomes around quality of life, mood, and well-being?
(Hint: When you learn how to send your nervous systems a signal of safety, you’ll connect to an inner ok-ness that no one can disturb.)

What if instead of scrolling news headlines and feeling hopeless, you made a real commitment that could enliven a sense of power inside you that you never thought possible?
What if today is the day you choose to move past the myths and limitations the pharmaceutical industrial complex is using to keep you enslaved and dependent, and begin to trust your own intuition about what’s good for you?

All you have to do to be ready is recognize your desire to feel better and say yes to your most vital self.

Join us for evidence-based alternatives to reclaim your health and recover from so-called mental illnesses—without drugs.

The truth is you already have the power to make drastic improvements to your health without relying on pharmaceuticals. These critical changes to your diet and lifestyle can dramatically change your life.

Get ready to…

Boost Energy

Imagine waking up full of energy and excited to take on the day, rather than feeling chronically tired and fatigued.

Rebuild Relationships

As you reconnect with yourself, choose to nourish your relationships with friends & loved ones, as well as forge deep connections.

Relax Fears

Unwind the coil that’s been tightening in your mind and tensing your muscles. Choose peace. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Restore Health

Regenerate your body’s immune system. Feel that light inside again. Take back your body!

Balance Moods

Share your whole, life-loving self with others again. Leave the emotional rollercoaster behind.

Live Naturally

Nourish your mind and body by spending more time as nature intended.

Hear the radical, regenerative results that our incredible participants have experienced…

By the way, our generous, open-hearted community is unparalleled and will welcome you with open arms.

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You already have the power to heal anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

If you’re tired of feeling tired, suffering from brain fog or insomnia, and identifying as “sick” or “unwell”…

If you want to awaken to your body’s innate wisdom and healing potential…

If you think you’ve already tried everything…

And you’re ready to embrace the path of self-ownership, walk the walk of bodily sovereignty, and get clear on your boundaries…
You’re in the perfect place. And you’re right on time.

Experience history-making outcomes…

It’s not rocket science. We just haven’t been shown what healing capacities our bodies are truly capable of when we clear the slate and return to basics. View our published science below.

Explore our program's randomized clinical trial here.

This landmark, randomized, controlled clinical trial of our online protocol, Vital Mind Reset, demonstrates the power of lifestyle interventions to significantly relieve depressive symptoms and improve quality of life in as little as 44 days.

This revolutionary health-enhancing program leaves no stone unturned.

When you join vital mind reset you’ll gain access to:

You’ll move through:

Part one

22 Days of Transformation

AKA all the tools and support you need to FINALLY shift your brain out of Survive Mode and move it into Thrive Mode. For good!

Module 1: Examine

Prepare to examine your perceptions and remove the fears that may be holding you back from the health and life you deserve. Dr. Kelly Brogan has found, and the primary medical literature reflects, that beliefs and mindset are the most important predictors of success. In this module, Dr. Kelly Brogan helps you assess your limiting beliefs.

You will:
  • Learn a daily meditation focused on removing fear of the future

  • Name the fears that are holding you back and begin to diffuse their power

  • Discover your personal belief in an outside protector and how that belief keeps you from your inner wisdom

  • Understand the myth of the body machine and determine whether or not our bodies make mistakes

  • Learn how we have strayed from a healthy lifestyle and how to return to our state of balance

  • Connect to your inner healer and bring forward the messages that may have been pushed aside

Module 2: Awaken

Are you ready to replace the fears of the past with powerful truths and step into your personal power? In this module, Dr. Kelly Brogan teaches you about the process of awakening and how to shift from a mindset of resistance to one of allowing.

You will:
  • Practice “Breath of Fire” — an activity designed to strengthen your nervous system and energize your body

  • Tap into your inherent wisdom to reconnect to your body’s divine intelligence in order to identify the root causes of your symptoms

  • Explore your relationship to food and the possibility that it may be a symbol for deeper unmet needs

  • Shift your beliefs and focus so they are in support of your healing

Module 3: Begin

Get ready to learn, begin the Vital Mind Reset diet, and start the work of removing obstacles to health and vibrance. In this module, Dr. Kelly Brogan outlines the details of the diet and you begin the journey of nourishing your body.

You will:
  • Learn a meditation to repair stress damage

  • Understand the diet, review recipes, and learn the five guidelines for success

  • Prep your pantry! Use our easy purge list and prepare your kitchen to support your process

  • Plan your meals using our template and create your first Vital Mind Reset shopping list

  • Start the diet and begin to reset your system

Module 4: Expand

Start to expand into these new truths and practices. In this module, Dr. Kelly Brogan will take you through the process of clearing the obstacles in your home that keep you from your best health.

You will:
  • Learn a meditation focused on resolving inner conflict

  • Identify the personal care products that are bringing toxins into your body

  • Assess the health of your home: cookware, cleaning products, food storage, lighting, etc.

  • Focus on the quality of air and water you consume and the level of EMF exposure in your home

  • Create a plan to clear your home of toxic exposure at a rate that’s sustainable for you

Part two

22 Days of Restoration

Easy to integrate bite-sized, lifestyle changes that will give you back your life, your energy, and your hope.

Module 5: Empower

This module is about becoming empowered through right choices. This is the time Dr. Kelly Brogan guides and supports you in the chrysalis phase of the reset.

You will:
  • Practice a daily meditation to supporting cognitive function

  • Identify a safe snack list and learn how to eat at restaurants optimally

  • Create an evening wind-down routine and begin to get the sleep your body needs

  • Identify treats that satisfy cravings while avoiding the sugar roller coaster

  • Problem solve any challenges and obstacles that arise during this time of transition

Module 6: Strengthen

Are you ready to experience the results from your efforts? This week is about strengthening your resolve and commitment. In this module, Dr. Kelly Brogan guides you through a process of deepening your connection to your symptoms and supports you in shifting the way you relate to them.

You will:
  • Learn what it means to be an introspective detective and begin the process of getting acquainted with how foods and other signals affect you

  • Befriend your inner healer in a contemplation activity and deepen your connection with your Higher Self

  • Understand the ways you have become separated from the microbial world and explore paths toward restoration of those connections

  • Spend time exploring the root cause of your symptoms while shifting from a “fixing” mentality to more of a welcoming inquiry

  • Understand the role of fermented foods and how they support your body and mind

Module 7: Own

This week you own the ground that you have gained, and dig deeper to move through obstacles to reach your desired outcomes. Dr. Kelly Brogan shifts focus in this module and moves away from theory, toward your individual experience.

You will:
  • Assess your new baseline and troubleshoot areas of challenge

  • Benchmark your successes and capture goals that you are still in process of reaching

  • Learn the art of manifestation and practice manifesting your highest vision

  • Take charge of your long term healing plan: assemble a support team, consider testing and supplementation

  • Learn methods of detox including how to complete coffee enemas

Module 8: Sustain

In this final module, you’ll plan for life after this program, integrating all you’ve learned into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Dr. Kelly Brogan will walk you through the reintroduction of various foods and give you a roadmap for continued improvement.

You will:
  • Learn how to successfully reintroduce foods and use the meal planning calendar to map out your next 30 days

  • Plan next steps towards long-term healing as it relates to your home, fitness, and mindfulness

  • Celebrate your success and review your outcomes

  • Step into your new life

(but wait, there’s more!)… You’ll also get these

Additional bonuses

Medication Tapering: Advice from Patients & Practitioners

Receive advice from experts and advocates—important factual and anecdotal information about what to consider prior to doing any kind of medication taper. *Program does not include a specific tapering protocol or support.

Detox Your Mood: Coffee Enema Benefits & Instructions

This bonus reveals Dr. Brogan’s ‘insider’ protocol. It walks you through the most effective way to leverage this powerful detox tool—the coffee enema.

Ancestral Diets: Personalizing Your Diet After the Reset

This bonus is designed specifically for after the 44-day reset, with insights based on Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s groundbreaking work in the field of personalized nutrition.

A Mind Of Your Own: Recorded Lecture

Watch me present the content from my New York Times bestseller to a live audience at King’s College London in this 4-hour recorded lecture.

2 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Demonstrations with Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution

These interactive videos will guide you through a technique for healing emotional issues relating to fear and insomnia, and help address some of the underlying traumas often at the root of these symptoms.

How to Transform Your Diet on a Budget: Tips, Tricks and Kitchen Hacks for Healthy Eating (E-Book)

Learn to work through the reset on a budget. This comprehensive guide is chock-full of ideas and strategies for making dietary changes affordable for anyone.

Ready to  reset with us?

Be a part of this life-changing 44-day program.

Vital Mind Reset is a deep dive into diet and lifestyle medicine. This online course delivers Dr. Kelly Brogan’s 44-day intensive protocol, which requires strict adherence to diet, detox, and meditation practices. It’s a one-time purchase and lends itself to a readying for psychiatric medication tapers and healing without medications.

To recap, you’ll gain access to…

Vital mind reset

Join my 44-day intensive program for total mind and body reclamation.


  • Lifetime access to course materials


Please note that this is a non-refundable investment. If you have any questions before joining, please reach out to us prior.

Meet Holistic Psychiatrist

Brogan, md

KELLY BROGAN, MD, is a holistic psychiatrist, author of the New York Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, Own Your Self, the children’s book, A Time For Rain, and co-editor of the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression. She is the founder of the online healing program Vital Mind Reset, and the membership community, Vital Life Project. She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Systems Neuroscience. She is specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms.

Have more Questions?

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone looking to treat their symptoms naturally, and it's not just for women! Whether you are new to “eating clean” and living a holistic lifestyle, or you’re already familiar with this lifestyle, this protocol will give you the tools for a new start. This diet plan isn’t your average 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free elimination diet — it's a carefully selected list of foods that Dr. Brogan has identified as potential culprits behind your symptoms. The combination of the core elements of this program during a dedicated 44-day window has helped many resolve lifelong symptoms. We know there are many dietary and detox protocols out there, but this one is different.

Is this for me?

What topics are covered?

This program will cover critical health freedom topics, like:

  • The system of fear and control perpetuated by the conventional Western medical model
  • The religion of science
  • The dangers of your current diet and industrial food

This program will empower you to:

  • Move past fear and trust your intuition
  • Shift your beliefs in support of your healing
  • Embrace nourishing foods
  • Harness the power of daily meditation and detox practices
Is this for me?

I’m familiar with these concepts and I eat clean. Can this program still help me?

If you already eat clean, meditate, detox, and understand the importance of these pillars of wellness, the VMR program can still be supportive! We believe that this program will give you a unique opportunity to focus on all of these elements in a dedicated container. Many have found that just being in the VMR space was the missing link in their healing journey.

Is this for me?

What if I don’t cook?

Diet is the core element of this program and the ability to source food and prepare meals (or have them prepared) is critical. The program does not provide meal prep support.

Is this for me?

Is this program only for treating anxiety and depression?

The Vital Mind Reset program can be done by anyone looking to achieve mental health and wellness naturally. Dr. Brogan used this same protocol for each patient, no matter their diagnosis or medical history. Women and men around the world have successfully treated not only mental health disorders with this program, but some have seen total resolution of symptoms like insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, blood sugar imbalance, and thyroid disorders, to name a few. This program was not specifically designed for weight loss.

Is this for me?

Will the program help me come off my medications? Do I have to be on medications to take this program?

The Vital Mind Reset program is appropriate for all stages of your health journey. Dr. Brogan used this protocol in her practice to help patients heal without medications, with patients hoping to taper, and with patients hoping to recover from withdrawal symptoms after stopping medications. We believe that it’s never too late to benefit from the VMR program on your healing journey. This program will not require you to stop or taper your medications, and it is not just for those who are on medications. Many people choose to explore medication tapers following the program. Before Dr. Brogan made any changes to a patient’s medication dose, they engaged a program almost identical to this one. It is important that the body and mind be optimized prior to careful medication tapers. The tapering process is highly individualized, so it’s not possible to provide specific tapering instructions that everyone can follow in this program. However, our bonus module on tapering that unlocks after the 44 days includes some resources that we think will be helpful if tapering is something you wish to pursue.

Is this for me?

What if I have a physical illness in addition to my mental health concerns?

You should consult your personal physician or mental health professional before you initiate any program. This program is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. You may have special dietary considerations to consider. Everyone is different.

Is this for me?

Should I get permission from my doctor?

We encourage all those interested in exploring lifestyle medicine to work with a practitioner versed in the art and science of nutritional healing. Referral engines are linked on our resources page. Unfortunately, nutrition is not a part of conventional medical training, so consultation with an allopathic MD may leave you feeling confused.

Is this for me?

I’m vegan/vegetarian. Can I still do the program?

While the core of the VMR program centers around a diet that is rich in animal foods as a tool for healing the mind and body, we’ve recently added vegetarian recipes for those with personal or ethical concerns, which Dr. Brogan discusses more here.

It’s worth noting that Dr. Brogan does not have clinical data from her medical practice or VMR program suggesting that a fully vegetarian diet will result in the same outcomes discussed here. We believe that a vegetarian diet during VMR will be more for those who are looking to optimize health, rather than those who are dealing with acute issues.

Our meal plans are not entirely vegan-friendly.

The success that we know is possible through this program and discuss on this page is based on the original diet consisting of animal foods. Therefore, we do not endorse the vegetarian diet we include for radical healing or for anyone with the intention of a medication taper. However, we do think it’s still possible to benefit from this program in some way while following the other elements of the program.

Please also note that the program content will still reference the benefits of an animal foods diet.

Is this for me?

What is the format of the course?

Each lesson is available in text and audio, and includes a brief video from Dr. Brogan with her key takeaways. In addition to weekly lessons and meditation videos, the program offers worksheets, meal plans, recipes and shopping lists that you can download.

Program format and content

What is the diet like? What should I be prepared for?

The VMR diet most closely resembles the popular Whole30 diet, with additional eliminations.

The diet in this protocol will begin on day 16 after approximately two weeks of what we call "mindset shift." The diet instructions will be made available on day 12 and you will be expected to begin on day 16 and continue until day 44. You do not need to be prepared to begin the diet on day one!

Program format and content

Will this course give me meal plans to follow?

Yes! Joining VMR will give you access to comprehensive meal plans, shopping lists and recipes you can follow. However, you don’t need to follow the recipes or meal plans to achieve success in this program. As long as you follow our recommended “foods to avoid” guidelines, you can eat anything you want in any quantity.

Program format and content

What kind of meditation is part of Vital Mind Reset?

Meditation is a vital part of the program and Dr. Brogan shares her expertise in kundalini yoga within each module. The lessons feature a 3-minute video guiding you through each meditation, or “kriya.” You can learn more about kundalini here. If you find that kundalini is not for you, you are welcome to meditate any way you choose.

Program format and content

What is the difference between the information in Dr. Brogan’s books and the Vital Mind Reset program?

The VMR program covers many of the same principles you will find in Dr. Brogan’s books, NYT Bestseller A Mind of Your Own and Own Your Self. While the books include an outline of the same protocol and just a few recipes to get started, the online program takes your healing journey to the next level. The course is designed as a step-by-step, “one day at a time” guide through the program, with lessons broken down into 44 days. The program also includes a trove of resources that you won’t find in the books, including a coffee enema guide, shopping lists, meal plans, over 50 recipes, meditation videos, a guide for beyond the 44 days, and more!

Program format and content

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

This investment is a non-refundable purchase. We do not offer refunds or payment plan cancellations before, during, or after the program for any reason.

We would recommend anyone considering joining this group to read this page in its entirety, and to ask our team any remaining questions prior to registration. You can read our detailed policy here.


Does this program include personalized advice or time with Dr. Brogan or her team?

The VMR program was designed so that anyone can take control of their own healing. The protocol and lessons in the program are essentially the same as what Dr. Brogan used with her patients, no matter the diagnosis or medical history.

The program does not include personalized access, calls, sessions, testing or medical history review with Dr. Brogan or her team.

Any personal questions related to your medical history or current conditions are best directed to your holistically-minded practitioner.

Many ask if we are able to provide a formal invoice for their purchase to submit to insurance. Please note that by purchasing VMR, you are not considered to be a patient of Dr. Brogan. Therefore, we are not able to provide this information.


Are there any additional expenses when doing the program?

The program will ask you to eat 100% organic for 30 days, which may be an added expense for those not eating this way prior to the program.

Coffee enemas are also recommended in the program and the supplies needed can cost around $50 depending on what items you may already have at home.

You'll be asked to cook all meals in non-toxic cookware, so this may be the greatest expense for those who only have non-stick cookware at home.

You'll also be asked to start replacing all toxic cleaning and personal care products. These replacements can be gradual and do not have to happen all at once or be completed before the program is finished.

The program does not include supplements.


Can I give this program as a gift to a friend or family member?

Because of the level of personal commitment required to complete this program, we do not recommend that you register on behalf of another or purchase this program as a gift. If you choose to do this, kindly note our refund policy.


Can I do the program at my own pace or skip ahead?

The VMR protocol is meant to be done over 44 consecutive days. The program materials are released on a schedule, so you will only have access to the next 6-8 days as the program progresses. For best results, we do not recommend reading more than one lesson each day.

If you find that you'd like to go through at a slower pace, you can feel free to do so. However, the results discussed on this page are based on doing the program as presented. The diet should be done for 30 consecutive days. We will not consider refund requests from those who do not do the program as instructed.

Many people join the program hoping to gain access to the diet information or our medication tapering resources on day one. Please be aware that we are not able to unlock modules or program content in advance of the fixed schedule. We understand that many of you come to us at different intervals of this journey, but in order to ensure that this protocol is being done safely and will produce the best results, we are not able to honor requests to expedite content release.

Timing and schedule

I want to join VMR now, but I can't begin the program right away. Can I still register?

For best results, we recommend beginning the program at a time that's easiest for you to commit to the radical lifestyle change to come. The results we discuss are possible only through 30 consecutive days of the diet. We don't suggest you begin the program if you have travel planned, a move, a special event, visitors, or won't have access to your own kitchen during the 44 days. If you are not able to commit to doing this program for 30 consecutive days once the diet begins on day 12, we recommend purchasing at another time.

Timing and schedule

How long will I have access to the program and community?

All participants have lifetime access to the course materials.

Live calls occur during the original 44 days you registered. Your purchase does not grant you access to future groups.

Timing and schedule
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Healing story

“I felt safe to heal,”

“Going through this process with Kelly helped me feel like I was going to be ok, that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I highly encourage everyone to follow their intuition if it’s saying to go down a different path to conventional medicine. Self Healing is the most empowering feeling, it’s been a rebirthing experience. I’ve come home to myself. I love my authentic self. It’s amazing, and I truly appreciate life now.”

- Greta

The only online program with history-making outcomes of its kind…

…as featured in Dr. Kelly Brogan’s NYT Bestseller: A Mind of Your Own..

Vital Mind Rest combines nutrition, detox, meditation, and self-empowerment for a truly holistic approach to healing mind and body.

Whether you want to get off prescription meds & heal chronic illness; move through stress, anxiety & depression; or just plain feel your absolute best for the rest of your life.