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Antibiotics During Pregnancy: Let's Revisit

Antibiotics and the management of pregnancy and birth

They told me I’ll need IV antibiotics because I had GBS my last pregnancy.

I could feel Catherine’s confusion as it...

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Cure Depression with a Vitamin?

Have you ever wondered if depression could be eased with an inexpensive over-the-counter supplement, no prescription required? Or how about extinguishing your chronic anxiety through more...

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An Important Blood Test For IVF

Wondering about epidemic levels of infertility today? It may have something to do with how the environment is stimulating our immune systems. While most conventional doctors are trained to...

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Is the Flu Vaccine the Solution or the Problem?

The idea behind vitalism and holistic healthcare is that an environment for wellness can be cultivated once we recognize the body's inherent complexity, wisdom, and its inextricable connection to...

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Plastic: Your Problem Child

I remember well the dissonance I experienced when irrefutable data about the toxicity of BPA had accumulated at the same time that the FDA made repeated bold claims about its safety. BPA,...

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Exercise Pregnancy Blues Away

We are built to move. In addition to a recent study suggesting that vigorous athleticism (professional rugby playing) can alter the microbiome, a new Spanish study has extended...

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Iodine and Pregnancy: the Inflammation Connection

There is a prevalent complacency around iodine sufficiency in the modern American woman. Soil depletion, bromine in processed foods and flame retardants, perchlorate contamination, chlorine and...

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Gluten and Gut Bugs

Biochemical individuality is the event horizon of modern medicine.  Our desire to reduce health to heredity and “what we’re born with” has been challenged by the myriad...

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Vitamin D for Pregnancy Depression

Vitamin D’s role in mental health may represent its pivotal position as a neuroimmune hormonal messenger. Some clinicians, including myself, question the cause of epidemic levels of ...

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Gluten Got Your Baby? Gluten Causing Infertility

There are few anxiety triggers as provocative as the primal desire to conceive. To experience that drive, and to be thwarted by seemingly uncontrollable and unidentifiable factors is maddening....

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Plastics and Preterm Labor

At the Brigham in Boston, women were recruited for a prospective, two year study to examine the relationship between ubiquitous plasticizers called pthalates and preterm birth (before 37 weeks).

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Gluten and Mental Health Interview - Podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Jennifer Fugo's Gluten Free School podcast where we discussed the relationship between gluten and mental health, with a focus on women. Check it out!

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