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What Causes Postpartum Depression?

What is Postpartum Depression?

It depends who you ask. If you ask me, I’m likely to describe a number of potential contributors that can ultimately be tagged with the impressionist...

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency: A Trigger for Depression and Anxiety?

Depression, Anxiety: All In Your Head?

One of the most remarkable papers I have read in the psychiatric literature was about a 57 year old woman who was treated with months of both...

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Transitioning to Paleo Breakfast: Pancakes, Smoothies & Seed Cereal

The Standard American Diet is never better represented than in our devotion to processed food, upon rising.

The cereal aisle in an average grocery store is an epic display of our indoctrination...

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How to Resolve Anxiety and Depression Through Diet | My First Huffington Post Article

I'm thrilled to be spreading the word about alternative mental health perspectives on Huffington Post! I wrote about dietary changes and how they can resolve anxiety and depressive symptoms in a...

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Fix Your Brain by Going Gluten-Free

Why You Need Gluten-Free

After you read this, you’ll want to know more including the how’s and why’s of a gluten-free lifestyle. Don’t miss the world’s first ...

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Low Carb and Medication Free

Two women achieved mood stability
 for 2-3 years through a very low carb, ketogenic diet. Their stability was superior to that experienced on medication, and side-effect free.

  • These...
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