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Gut Bacteria & Maternal Stress | A Mother's Legacy

We know that gut bacteria are critical for nutrient absorption and for immunity, and I have discussed their role in mental health and wellness, but this study and others explore how we may be set...

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Gluten Got Your Baby? Gluten Causing Infertility

There are few anxiety triggers as provocative as the primal desire to conceive. To experience that drive, and to be thwarted by seemingly uncontrollable and unidentifiable factors is maddening....

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The Future of Nutrition: Wouldn't you Like to Know What That is?

Now more than ever, it’s time for a whole new understanding of nutrition. We have abundant access to facts and information in this exciting field, but we often need to search long and hard...

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Guts, Bugs, and Babies

The best part of my departure from conventional models of psychiatric care is that I no longer have to engage women in the Sophie's Choice between treatments that may be good for mom and not for...

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Gut Health is the Gateway to Healing

Naturopaths and holistic healers have always focused on gut health as the gateway to healing. But as a physician not specialized in gastroenterology, my involvement with gut health and ecology used...

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