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Rock Bottom: The One Big Lie Your Mind Will Tell You When You're In Your Darkest Moment

This blog post contains excerpts from my new book, Own Your Self, now available for pre-order.

“How much longer?” I pleaded in the direction of the long space-time tunnel that...

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A Time For Rain: Teaching Our Children About Sadness

Stop crying Danny!

That tears are a bad thing is so baked into our social fabric that parents might find themselves renouncing crying without any awareness of the deeper implications. It might not...

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Postpartum Depression: Is Brexanolone the Answer?

“…if females can be induced to believe that their sufferings will be diminished, or shortened, and their lives and those of their offspring, be safer in the hands of the...

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Climate: A New Story

“Ah…it’s global warming”.

This trope has entered our vernacular, perhaps a catchphrase for the sense that something is really wrong on this planet. While there is...

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The Science Delusion

There are three philosophical books that make my required reading for life list:

  1. The Book by Alan Watts
  2. Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein
  3. The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake


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See Yourself Well

Forty-five percent less blood loss during spinal surgery.1

Sounds good, right? How’d they do it? Some new intraoperative technique or device? Some promising pharmaceutical product that...

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Robert Whitaker: The Case Against Antipsychotics

The following piece was written by Robert Whitaker, author of several books including Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic. The original article can be found here.



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