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Rejecting Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy

The Medicalization of Pregnancy

Women have permitted doctors and pharmaceutical companies privileged access to their fierce and primitive drive toward protecting a pregnancy. They have been made to...

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Transitioning to Paleo Breakfast: Pancakes, Smoothies & Seed Cereal

The Standard American Diet is never better represented than in our devotion to processed food, upon rising.

The cereal aisle in an average grocery store is an epic display of our indoctrination...

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Does Vegetarianism in Pregnancy Risk Mom and Baby?

Fatty acid composition is highly relevant to mental health, hormonal balance, and fetal growth. A growing body of literature supports the role of omega 3 fatty acids in mitigating the toxic effects...

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Psychosis and Vitamins?

Several studies have indicated a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia, but a recent study is the first to identify deficiency at the onset (first episode),...

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Mum's the Word: Breastfeeding

Conventional obstetrical care in America has lost touch with a transgenerational wisdom related to birthing and new motherhood. Obstetricians no longer know how to manually assess fetal growth and...

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Fearing Fish in Pregnancy?

Despite your OB’s concerns on one hand about mercury in fish – while somehow blithely injecting thimerosol-containing (ethylmercury) flu shots, on the other – many women...

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Wondering About Splenda?

Just because it’s on the shelf does not mean it’s been studied or should be presumed to be non-toxic. We know that sugar is toxic, but what about the popular sugar alternative, Splenda?...

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Hepatitis B Vaccine - Is It Safe for Your Newborn?

The day has come and your little bundle is here. The wonder of it is overwhelming: this human grew out of two cells, inside you, and despite those last couple of days feeling like a year each, all...

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Fearless Medicine Radio – Holistic Midwifery: What’s Behind the Home Birth Trend?

My monthly radio show, Fearless Medicine, hosted by Fearless Parent, continues this Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at 11am EST, with a look at holistic midwifery.

Wondering why anyone in...

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The Complexities of Toxicity: Prenatal Brain Development and Pesticide Exposure

Are Preterm Babies and High Stress Moms at Higher Risk from Pesticides?

A new animal study published in Neurotoxicology and Teratology aimed to explore several of the variables that can...

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