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Honey vs Table Sugar: It's Actual Food

In an effort to shift the nutritional paradigm beyond calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients to food as information, rethinking "sugar" from whole foods such as fruit and honey may help to...

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Just Say No: Mammography

I will never get a mammogram. Here’s why:

Just as conventional medicine tells us that germs must be eradicated and abolished for health, it tells us that cancer is an invasion to be thrashed...

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Preterm Birth? It Was the Cookies

It seems there may be some wisdom in the traditional cultural practice of sanctioning nutrient-dense foods for preconception couples, and engaging in several months of preparatory care. The first...

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Why Eat Organic in Pregnancy? What Monsanto Doesn't Want you to Know

This article first appeared on and is cowritten with Sayer Ji.

“Could you please make sure the eggs aren’t runny? I’m pregnant.”


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Preterm Birth: Is Your Placenta Toxic?

new study in the American Journal of Pathology is the first to demonstrate that accelerated placental “aging” is behind some cases of preterm labor/birth. Four...

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Postpartum Depression: My Interview with Science & Sensibility

Lamaze is an incredible organization dedicated to supporting women’s birth and postpartum experience. Their clinical and scientific influence has reflected the conventional concerns around...

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How Inflammation and Depression Gave Birth to New Medicine

This article first appeared on as The New Psychiatry: Psychoneuroimmunology

A New Field Emerges

Psychoneuroimmunology. This is what I aim to practice. Medical terms of...

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How Does Food Influence Mood: iHeart Radio Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Five to Thrive/iHeart Radio about how food influence can enhance mood. It was a great conversation!

How big of an influence does food have on our mood?...

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Origins of the Microbiome

“We barely know what we are doing when it comes to probiotic supplementation,” I admitted to my patient, “but we do know that we are on the verge of the most sophisticated...

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Gut Bacteria & Maternal Stress | A Mother's Legacy

We know that gut bacteria are critical for nutrient absorption and for immunity, and I have discussed their role in mental health and wellness, but this study and others explore how we may be set...

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Thyroid Sessions

I had the pleasure of speaking to Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness today as a teaser for his Thyroid Sessions event which promises to unlock some of the many secrets of thyroid treatment and...

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Is that Couch Making you Fat? Flame Retardants and Obesity

Flame retardants used in furniture, electronics, appliances, vehicles, clothing, and building materials (and liberally coating hospital interiors) have been demonstrated to be toxic to hormones and...

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