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Not Interchangeable: Breast Milk and Formula

When we reduce food to its micro and macronutrients, we misapprehend the bridge that it represents between us and our environments. In the case of breast milk, this first food is also first...

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Ditch the Purell and Decline the Receipt

Harmful Hand Sanitizers

A principal short-coming in modern toxicologic research is that novel chemicals are not study for their synergistic effects, chronic exposure, or for their effects on...

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SAMe Outperforms SSRI

SAMe – S-Adenosylmethionine

SAMe, a naturally occurring molecule synthesized by the “one-carbon cycle” which is dependent on B12 and folate, is a precursor to creatine,...

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Pheromones Missing From That Similac?

Similac Lacking Pheromones

have described, with deep reverence, what is known about the complexity of breastmilk, and some of the factors that interfere with successful nursing:...

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Will You Wait? Protect Yourself Now

Consuming Toxic Chemicals

Our love affair with chemicals is getting complicated. We eat them, breathe them, slather them on our skin. And when we get sick, we take more of them. A metanalysis...

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Holobiont: Does Your Obstetrician Know This Word?

A revolutionary new concept -- that the bacteria in our bodies is essential to our health -- is only just filtering down into modern day obstetrics. The health of our next generation depends on it....

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The New Feminism: Taking It Back

A Kundalini practitioner recently shared with me the symbology of the Adi Shakti. A mesmerizing interlocking of a karmic circle, a double-edged weapon and two encompassing swords, this is a...

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Birth Control, Breastfeeding, and Breast Cancer

Informed consent implies that we research and relay what we can, as clinicians, about the risks, known and unknown, of a given intervention, in the context of the purported benefits, and potential...

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CDC: You’re Fired. Autism Coverup Exposed.

The dam is leaking, and the flood is coming. Are you ready to stand strong?


A powerful accusation, sensational, provocative. When we think of fraud, what comes to mind? Images of...

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Steps to a Healthy Microbiome

My patients are often surprised when I ask them where they were born and whether or not hospital walls and their mother’s vaginal canal were key players in their emergence. As someone who...

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Is Exercise Anti-inflammatory? What the Science Shows

I always hated to exercise. Maybe it was decades of accumulated mitochondrial damage from a high sugar diet and every day chemical exposures. Maybe I was just "too busy". Maybe I wasn't convinced...

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