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The New Feminism: Taking It Back

A Kundalini practitioner recently shared with me the symbology of the Adi Shakti. A mesmerizing interlocking of a karmic circle, a double-edged weapon and two encompassing swords, this is a...

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Birth Control, Breastfeeding, and Breast Cancer

Informed consent implies that we research and relay what we can, as clinicians, about the risks, known and unknown, of a given intervention, in the context of the purported benefits, and potential...

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CDC: You’re Fired. Autism Coverup Exposed.

The dam is leaking, and the flood is coming. Are you ready to stand strong?


A powerful accusation, sensational, provocative. When we think of fraud, what comes to mind? Images of...

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Steps to a Healthy Microbiome

My patients are often surprised when I ask them where they were born and whether or not hospital walls and their mother’s vaginal canal were key players in their emergence. As someone who...

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Is Exercise Anti-inflammatory? What the Science Shows

I always hated to exercise. Maybe it was decades of accumulated mitochondrial damage from a high sugar diet and every day chemical exposures. Maybe I was just "too busy". Maybe I wasn't convinced...

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Artificial Sweeteners Making You Fat?

In an effort to dig ourselves out from under the addictive and caloric nature of sugar, many have succumbed to the promise of sweetness without the consequences. It has taken nearly a century...

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Tylenol for Mom: ADHD for Child

Growing a human inside of your body is not always a comfortable process. For the associated aches and pains, obstetricians have been placating their patients with reflexive recommendations of...

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Cholesterol: Protection Against Depression in Pregnancy?

Now about a decade in to undoing our industrial food-induced fat phobia, we have the first study to correlate low HDL cholesterol with depression during pregnancy. In a study entitled, “...

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Have You Been Told It's All In Your Head? The New Biology of Mental Illness.

Psychiatry is notorious for saying “oops!” for a long history of abusing patients with pseudoscience-driven treatments and its shameful lack of diagnostic rigor. From the 1949...

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Ancestral Health Symposium Presentation 2014

The Ancestral Health Society is a community of scientists, healthcare professionals, and laypersons who collaborate to understand health challenges from an evolutionary perspective. Their...

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Microbiome - Let's Get Into It

Evolutionary mismatch. This is the term that encompasses the root cause of most modern ills. We are living a lifestyle – read diet, stress level, movement and sunlight deficiency, toxic...

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Need Sleep? Here's Why Natural Sleep Aids Make Sense

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To sleep, perchance to dream. Many of us have a love hate relationship with sleep – making the time for it, honoring it, needing it, losing...

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