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Is Fluoridated Water Harming Our Brains?

What if I told you that your drinking water, and everything made from it, drinks to soups, was poisoned? What if I then told you that this poison was being presented as a health-giving...

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Holistic Medicine: Do You Believe?

"Our Beliefs are our Destiny."

-Mahatma Gandhi

From Brain-Based Medicine to Heart-Based Healing

I’ve always been confident.

Somehow, I feel like I may have been born this way. It...

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Why a Low Carb Diet May Not Be Best For You

Does Low Carb = Low Energy?

I have yet to meet a woman on a long-term, low carb diet who is loving life. I’m here to explain why I think this may be the case.

While we have, collectively,...

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The Divine Feminine: Will You Let Her Rise?

I am reading a book about Goddesses, hoping to shed more light on the mystical power of the divine feminine – that inborn force that we must learn to wield, to hold gently but firmly so that...

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Who's in Charge of the American Diet?

Ever wonder how the US government formulates the dietary recommendations that it then passes on to you and your families? One would hope that the committees dedicated to creating said...

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What's to Eat?

As we have been disconnected from the natural world, we have been disconnected from our own intuitive sense. This sense has helped us cultivate health and resist illness for the better part of...

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Psychiatry & Organized Crime

The science is settled.

Have you heard this proclamation before about a controversial medical topic?

I have, and it makes me smile. Or maybe smirk. It feels almost like my toddler frothing up a...

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Children’s & Teen Health Summit

What is functional medicine? Alternative medicine? Holistic medicine? And what does it have to do with our children, their well-being, and their mental health? I discuss this and more during this...

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The Cocktail Effect

Be skeptical.

Be very skeptical when you are delivered platitudes of reassurance about the safety of chemicals and pharmaceutical products from those who stand to profit from their sales. It can...

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Baby & Breast: Perfect Together

Healthy Gut

If we want healthy guts, we have to develop a collective consciousness about the origins of the microbiome. Knowing how something is made helps you to fix it when it’s broken. So,...

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C-Section: What We Are Learning

Unintended consequences.

This is a critical concept to wrap your mind around if you are going to engage conventional medicine and its drugs, surgeries, and procedures. In my efforts to warn women...

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What We Can Learn From DDT

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” rings through my mind as I contemplate the platitudes being thrown around mass media regarding the safety...

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