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Water, Energy, and the Perils of Dehydration

If you’ve followed my writing, you know that I love undermining current dogma. There’s a lot on the internet about water – how much to drink, what kind, and even about its...

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Oops! The Brain DOES Have An Immune System

We have entered a time in the history of modern medicine that is awkward at best, and intolerable at worst. We’ve gone too far down the wrong path, once again. We’ve made a lot of silly...

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Monsanto – The Poison Expert Putting Food on our Plates

Dangers of Mass Agriculture

The Undercurrent delves into the world of mass agriculture to ask how one company has such control over food supply. The name Monsanto was once synonymous...

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A Model Consent Form for Psychiatric Drug Treatment

What if patients were provided the known risks to medical interventions, including what is unknowable at this time (who is at increased risk of injury/adverse effects), and why incomplete...

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Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound

We want to trust. We want, almost need, to believe that medical and pharmaceutical interventions have been vetted. When our doctors tell us not to worry, we want to take their word for it.


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What Happens When Africans Eat Like Americans?

What happens when you make rural Africans eat an American diet and African American eat a rural African diet for two weeks?It turns out that their micobiota change.

Predicated on differential risk...

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An Important Blood Test For IVF

Wondering about epidemic levels of infertility today? It may have something to do with how the environment is stimulating our immune systems. While most conventional doctors are trained to...

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Natural Birth & Breastfeeding: Replaceable?

Natural Birth & Breastfeeding

Now that we know the microbiome exists and is largely responsible for our digestion, immunity, and assimilation and production of...

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Did Your Gyn Tell You The Pill Could Kill?

Rare risks are only rare if they happen to someone else. It's my belief that no one is engaging the principles of informed consent when it comes to the birth control pill. Now, the science is...

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First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers

By Bretigne Shaffer

This article first appeared on

Earlier this year I spent a few days at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center with my daughter who was having an EEG done....

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A Scientist Speaks: Senate Bill 277 in California

Distinguished Members of the California Senate Committee, The argument of forcing a parent to vaccinate their child in the name of the “greater good argument” is flawed both...

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Turmeric and Depression: The Neuroprotective Effects of Curcumin

In an animal model of depression, researchers explored possible antidepressant mechanisms of the polyphenolic compound, curcumin, in the traditional spice, turmeric.

  • After identifying...
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