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Tylenol for Mom: ADHD for Child

Growing a human inside of your body is not always a comfortable process. For the associated aches and pains, obstetricians have been placating their patients with reflexive recommendations of...

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Have You Been Told It's All In Your Head? The New Biology of Mental Illness.

Psychiatry is notorious for saying “oops!” for a long history of abusing patients with pseudoscience-driven treatments and its shameful lack of diagnostic rigor. From the 1949...

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Cholesterol: Protection Against Depression in Pregnancy?

Now about a decade in to undoing our industrial food-induced fat phobia, we have the first study to correlate low HDL cholesterol with depression during pregnancy. In a study entitled, “...

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Ancestral Health Symposium Presentation 2014

The Ancestral Health Society is a community of scientists, healthcare professionals, and laypersons who collaborate to understand health challenges from an evolutionary perspective. Their...

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Microbiome - Let's Get Into It

Evolutionary mismatch. This is the term that encompasses the root cause of most modern ills. We are living a lifestyle – read diet, stress level, movement and sunlight deficiency, toxic...

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Need Sleep? Here's Why Natural Sleep Aids Make Sense

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To sleep, perchance to dream. Many of us have a love hate relationship with sleep – making the time for it, honoring it, needing it, losing...

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Pigs Warn: Undeniable Evidence of Roundup Toxicity

It is time to halt the production and sale of Monsanto’s prize possession – Roundup. A now ubiquitous toxicant, found in soilwater, animals, humans, and even ...

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Is Breastmilk Better Than Statins?

In the ultimate of scientific dead horse beatings, the latest study to demonstrate the relevance of breastfeeding to human health is entitled, "Long-term effects of birth weight...

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Plastic: Your Problem Child

I remember well the dissonance I experienced when irrefutable data about the toxicity of BPA had accumulated at the same time that the FDA made repeated bold claims about its safety. BPA,...

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Worth the Risk for Your Child? Stimulants

With 7% of boys and 5% of girls medicated with psychotropics, and 10,000 toddlers under 3 prescribed stimulants, it is time to ask ourselves, what are we doing to our children? Are...

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Curcumin: The Wonder Drug That Works

Add to a growing literature exploring the efficacy of curcumin, an active polyphenol in the Indian spice, turmeric, comes a study entitled Curcumin for the treatment of major depression: a...

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Eating for Two: the Pregnancy Diet

This article first appeared in ICAN.

Eating for two? No deli meats? Which fish is it that’s toxic? Hold the blue cheese please! Navigating nutrition in pregnancy can feel like a...

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