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Probiotics for Prevention: The New Psychiatry

Rather than throwing medications at the ever increasing suffering of our populace, perhaps we should start asking “What is going on”?. Perhaps we should start engaging in preventive...

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Is Thyroid Hormone Dangerous for Psych Patients?

Thyroid Hormone and HDT

In psychiatry, we have a long history of using high dose thyroid hormone as an "augmentation strategy" - often employed without even checking thyroid labs in the...

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Depression: What Is It Good For?

What is Depression?

Was depression once an adaptive response to the environment? I'm generally of the opinion that the body doesn't make mistakes and that millions of years of evolution were in the...

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The Physiology and Treatment of Depression – Paleo Baby Podcast

This week Dr. Kelly Brogan joins Julie to shine light on the physiology and treatment of depression. Listen in as they cover how depression is mistreated in Western Medicine, understanding...

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Drop Those Soybeans: Roundup Causes Cancer

What happens when the government tells us that something is safe, supports sanctions increasing our exposure, and then the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence begins to loom like a...

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Study Links Statins to 300+ Adverse Health Effects

By Kelly Brogan, MD, and Sayer Ji,

A new study finds the chemical war against cholesterol using statin drugs was justified through statistical deception and the cover up of...

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Antibiotics: The Bad News and the Worse News

Most women who have ever developed a post-antibiotic yeast infection are familiar with the now colloquial idea that antibiotics kill important regulatory bacteria. They think – I’ll...

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Stop the Madness: Coming Off Antidepressants & Antipsychotics

When the Madness Started

“I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling sick with no real diagnosis. I have always been small, and was as a kid. My stomach always ached. I had diarrhea...
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C-section: What's the Big Deal?

I can be incredibly impatient. When I want something done, I want it done yesterday. If there's an easier, faster, more direct way to complete a task, I'm all about it. I've also, over the years,...

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Depression: Why Aren't We Studying Women?

Until we can grow a baby outside of the womb, it seems in our best interest, as a species, to learn more about female physiology. There is scant literature on hormonal aberrations, on the natural...

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Is the Flu Vaccine the Solution or the Problem?

The idea behind vitalism and holistic healthcare is that an environment for wellness can be cultivated once we recognize the body's inherent complexity, wisdom, and its inextricable connection to...

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Depression: It’s Not Your Serotonin

“Depression is a serious medical condition that may be due to a chemical imbalance, and Zoloft works to correct this imbalance.”

Ad for Zoloft

Herein Lies the Chemical Imbalance Myth...

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