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The Game-Changing Science of Epigenetics

Think diseases run in the family? Think again.

Have you ever worried about “getting” breast cancer because your mom and aunt both had it? What about Bipolar Disorder (yes, psychiatry...

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Psycho-Neuro-Immunology: Uncovering the Roots of Mental Illness

Nine months after the birth of my first daughter, I felt off. Flatness, forgetfulness, cold, and tired. If I hadn’t discovered my formal diagnosis of an autoimmune thyroid condition, I...

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Dysbiosis: How Primal Healing Cures What Ails Us

Do you ever feel like something should be “scientifically proven” before you trust it?

In medicine, we worship the controlled, randomized trial. We believe in an objective reality that...

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Robert Whitaker: The Case Against Antipsychotics

The following piece was written by Robert Whitaker, author of several books including Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic. The original article can be found here.



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Could Gluten Intolerance Symptoms Include Psychosis?

Can Wheat Make You Crazy?

Maybe you’ve heard of the books Wheat Belly or Grain Brain. Maybe you’ve chatted with friends about a NY Times editorial claiming that gluten...

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Before You Fill That Benzo Prescription: READ THIS

“It feels like I’m plugged into an electric socket and every move I make shoots voltage throughout my body. I’m nauseous and my stomach feels like it’s on fire. Of course, I...

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Homicide and the SSRI Drugs Alibi

What kind of a person would murder their own children? A sociopath, right? A deranged menace to society who deserves to be removed from society for life.

What if I told you that this person could...

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Rising Rates of Suicide: Are Pills the Problem?

If you’ve read recent reports that state “US suicide rates surge to a 30 year high,” you might first justify the reality with the fact that things feel very wrong in our...

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How I Treat Depression Drug-Free and Holistically

Adapted from A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD

Why I Put Down My Prescription Pad

When I talk about medicine and mental health to large audiences, I often start with the following imagery and...

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Silent Meditation Benefits Our Mental Health

Hello, I’m Kelly Brogan, and I’m a productivity junkie.

Yes, I have lived so many years in my masculine energy that doing, fixing, mastering, owning, and finishing have been my most...

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What is the Placebo Effect?

We all love the idea of a magic pill.

A safe, effective, quick fix.

I certainly do.

I thought that I was prescribing them, for years, to my patients suffering from insomnia, forgetfulness, lack of...

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Vital Productivity: How She Gets it Done

The Key to Vital Productivity: Getting in the flow

Ever notice that the less you do, the less you get done? And, somehow, when you’re in the flow, you can almost stretch time with the...

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