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Meet Holistic Psychiatrist

Kelly Brogan, md

I am a holistic psychiatrist, New York Times bestselling author, and reclamation queen. In my psychiatric practice, I specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms…

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I am on a mission—

To hold the vision for your embodied reclamation and whole-life empowerment with guidance, resources, and community so that you can shed your struggle and finally choose Your Self to experience the specific pleasure of who you are.

When we can move beyond fear of symptoms into curiosity, we find that all illness - without exception - is you telling you, about you, inviting you on the journey home to self.

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my latest book

The Reclaimed Woman

Learn how to stop creating struggle (and bitterness, resentment, and disappointment) and start creating safety (and play, pleasure, and flow).

the podcast

Reclamation Radio with Kelly Brogan

Reclamation Radio delves into new conversations, paradigms, and resources to help you move through the shame wall that keeps you arrested in victimhood, and into the lived experience of personal responsibility and the power of choice.

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