A woman ALIVE is the most powerful force on this plane.

This aliveness awaits, pulsing beneath her shame, her complaints, and her judgment.

Reclaim it. Reclaim her. Become the Reclaimed woman.

Learn how to stop creating struggle (and bitterness, resentment, and disappointment) and start creating safety (and play, pleasure, and flow).

Sometimes all it takes is the permission to shift and to finally choose life.

We’ve been duped.

By feminism, sexual liberation, birth control, and antidepressants.

We are told that we are now free and independent women because we are no longer constrained by the trappings of our womanhood and can work, have sex, and consume just like men.

We’re (mostly) eating right, exercising, and meditating, wrangling to-do lists, and arranging playdates, but there’s a haunting hollowness beneath huge complaints.

It turns out, we’ve made a poor bargain, trading our authenticity for seeming safety…

So, what if I told you

there was a huge storehouse of enthusiastic, creative vitality inside you?

That you could trust Your Self, the world could feel safe, and unexpected (and expected) delights could start to illuminate your path?

No coach, therapist, doctor, or guru required.
Just you, learning to get real, present, and attentive… with you.

I’m here to matchmake your inner parts for the greatest love affair ever written.

What I would have given to have this one-stop-shop when I finally recognized that my “I’m fine” “I’ve got this,” “I guess I’m having good enough sex” bottled-up self understood it was time to uncork, get messy, wild, weird, and free…

Step onto this magic carpet ride with me. Let’s goooooo!

Praise for The Reclaimed Woman

Kelly Brogan, MD, stands out as a true beacon for women’s health, helping usremember that we were born to be healthy and fulfilled. . . . What a breath of fresh air!


New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

A paradigm-shattering read, The Reclaimed Woman will wake you up out of the haze of overwhelm, numbness, and resentment so you can compassionately understand yourself and struggles before leading you back home to your body and soul.


Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller How to Do the Work

The Reclaimed Woman is a powerful invitation to dream big, enjoy your innate feminine power, and live the life you know deep down is possible.


New York Times bestselling author of The Surrendered Wife

With compassion and precision wrought from both her own embodied wisdom and also from her deep medical knowledge, Dr. Brogan cleans out festering lies. . . . I want everyone alive to read Reclaimed Woman from cover to cover, to endure the sting of truth, and to emerge from the experience healed and refreshed, ready to create the new culture of devotion to truth, self-responsibility, and genuine eros which we all need to thrive.


Author of Existential Kink: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power and co-founder of the Immortal College

In this book, you’ll unearth:

About the author

Brogan, md

I grew up an Italian-Irish, know-it-all, atheist, candy-addict, straight-A MIT neuroscience major, Ivy-league trained psychiatrist specializing in medicating pregnant women, Hashimoto’s-healing renegade activist who then specialized in discontinuing psychiatric meds, publishing radical medical recoveries, and sounding the alarm on the bait-and-switch of Pharma, turned feminine reclamation and sensual embodiment seeker, honorary member of the Disinformation Dozen, health freedom lover, twerk, pole, and African dancer, mother of two sage channels of love, homebirther, chicken and cat mom, novice seamstress, here to share with you the parts I’m still discovering, the deceptions I continue to awaken from, and the secret places that my inner victim is still awaiting discovery and liberation into the art of living and loving…these days, I’m after the tingles and rushes of energy I feel in my body when I’m moving to a song, petting my animals, hugging my gorgeous girls, and laughing with my friends. I’m here to make love to life.

Are you ready to come alive?