Become a Vital Mind Reset Certified Coach in 12 Weeks

This world-class professional program will empower you to administer Kelly Brogan’s clinically proven holistic health protocol. So you can get epic results for your clients while expanding (or launching!) your business.

Give yourself permission to…

…start offering Vital Mind Reset to clients as soon as June 2024. And your new clients can expect to see results in 44 days!

Get your people real with themselves, and get them well, and then your work can take them SO much deeper in their self-ownership, sovereignty, and your personal ikigai/zone of genius. So you can focus on what lights you up, and know that you’ve given the absolute best to your clients.  

Get ready to ring in more clients, while seeing radical success for the people in your field.

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelly Brogan

I had a decade-long private medical practice in NYC where I specialized in helping women discontinue psychiatric medications and walk away from the chronic care medical system altogether.
During this time, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (postpartum) and because I was frankly unwilling to take a prescription for life, I researched how I could heal and found science to support the power of simple lifestyle changes to reset the nervous system - the master controller of all systems in the body.
From my own experience reversing my symptoms and diagnosis, I developed this 44-day protocol and began to require it for my patients.
My outcomes skyrocketed within months and I was blown away by how accelerated the medication taper process could become and also at the rapid symptom relief and surprising resolution of longstanding diagnoses unrelated to their psychiatric medications.
Since 2016, I’ve seen thousands of people change their lives, reverse diagnoses, find their purpose, creativity, and inspiration again, and experience true vitality in their bodies and minds.
They’ve told me that it feels like “coming home.”
I now believe that VMR is an initiation to one’s own power of choice and that a profound signal of safety gets sent to a system that has been sending out alarms, sometimes for decades. It is my dream that this field of health reclamation be made available to as many humans as possible, which is why you’re here…

If you’re here, you already know that nutritional and lifestyle choices are vitally important.

But maybe it’s not what you’ve chosen to focus on in your practice, or maybe you feel you need more credibility to guide people down this path of healing with confidence and clarity.

And you also know that offering a proven system to help clients address foundational lifestyle issues would free up SO many arenas in your business (OR help you turn your passion into a purposeful, profitable bonafide business).

The truth is: most lifestyle protocols don’t have scientifically proven results. They can be a steep investment and a hard sell to your clients…

The Vital Mind Reset program is a deep dive into *lifestyle* as a medicine that you’ll be able to offer (at whatever price you see fit).

This is your chance to lean on 1000s of success stories and get revolutionary outcomes for your people. No MD required. (But if you have one and want to help your private clients come off meds, this will support you too).

So...what is vital mind reset?

In these 12 weeks, you’ll get certified to facilitate Dr. Kelly Brogan’s signature healing program, by first doing it yourself, and being taught how to administer it.

Learn more about vmr here

Vital mind reset works

The revolutionary results speak for themselves!

Hear success stories:

Check out VMR Outcomes here

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re incredible at holding space for others, and you want a tangible practice (with a side of credibility) to offer to your community (and to charge for your helping ways!)

  • You’re tired of seeing your clients make lifestyle choices that are keeping them stuck, not addressing root causes, and making it harder for the work you do to take hold in their lives.

OR if you’re a clinician:
  • You KNOW that meds aren’t the answer, and you want to hold space for your patients to make lasting changes outside of the system. So that your work can finally fully sit right with you.

Here’s the deal, lovely human:

Your clients already have the power to heal anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

They have *everything* they need inside of them to take back their health from the inside out.

They don’t need a broken system. And they certainly don’t need to be rescued.

They simply need to reset their baselines and remember what it feels like to experience health. What if you could help be the conduit for that deep remembrance?

Join our next group starting March 25th, 2024


  • Experience Vital Mind Reset - Whether you’re an experienced Resetter or this is your first time with the protocol, you’ll be supported by Dr. Kelly Brogan and Lead Coach Jamie Davidson to reset your bodily baseline and nurture your own nervous system. So you can hold space for other beautiful humans going through the process.

  • Learn how to administer VMR & coach others through it - Resetting baselines and rewiring victim consciousness creates radical outcomes, but it’s not always easy. That’s where YOU come in. With Jamie and Kelly’s help, you’ll learn to coach your clients to reframe their struggles and take power over their own health

  • Integrate your new skills into your business - Claim your certification. And learn how to include VMR in the packages you’re already selling OR launch a whole new business around it with the support of Kelly’s personal marketing team.

what you'll get for six months:

Vital Mind Reset Coach Certification

All the tools you need to coach your clients to take radical responsibility for their own health.  

A Certificate of Completion and a Badge to display on your website

A six-month membership to a community of like-minded practitioners and coaches

Hosted in
Monthly support calls with either Jamie, Kelly, a colleague of Kelly’s, or Dan from Soulful Sales Company
Legitimization support
Role-playing exercises
Q&A with Jamie
option to continue membership after initial 3 months

Vital Mind Reset licensing

Unlimited licensing for 3 months, with the option to continue through monthly membership.
A la carte licensing also available.

Introductory marketing materials & business coaching

Marketing toolkit from All Connected designed to get you on your feet.
One live group call with Dan from Soulful Sales Company, plus 8 live sessions in his community.
Access to Dan's 14 Day Get Launched course.
Three months of community marketing support.

Join our practitoner directory

Get connected to additional clients with your listing in our practitioner directory.  

The option for 1:1 support

Ever wanted to work 1:1 with Kelly?
Or deep dive into your soul with Jamie?
This is your chance to get the 1:1 support of the OG Resetter (*ahem* Kelly) and/or her soft & sweet, take no prisoners & leave your victim stories behind Lead Coach, Jamie.

The certification process

Take VMR - Live with Kelly & Jamie

For the first 7 weeks, own your own health and be held through the same procedures and protocols you’ll be coaching others through, in an intimate group led by Lead VMR Coach Jamie Davidson.

Own your Coaching Skills

For the rest of the 6-month container, you’ll learn how tofacilitate this program, and learn and integrate this protocol into your ownwork with clients. This is where you learn to own your coaching skills and holdthe safest space.

Facilitate VMR

By month 3, you’ll be a certified coach and able to sell the same packaged digital VMR product via our platform to your clients and begin supporting them through your unique services.

Get next-level outcomes as you share Vital Mind Reset with your patients, clients, and community

Support the incredible people in your field to make lasting lifestyle changes, come off meds, address root causes, & expand their lifescape  With a scientifically proven holistic lifestyle portal-style protocol that works.

Clinical Trial

Thousands of
Success Stories

Based on Kelly Brogan MD’s Clinical Practice & Book:
A Mind of Your Own

Align with a program that creates revolutionary outcomes.

VMR helps people reclaim their health, and there’s a randomized clinical trial to prove just how powerful it is!

Let’s talk about ROI

As a VMR Certified Coach, you hold the license to offer VMR to your clients and community for just $500, which you can easily fold into your own fee.

Self-study is normally $1500, and a large group coach-supported VMR hovers around $3000

So that means you can take the $1000 and run with it. Charge what’s right for you. You will easily recoup your investment.

And here’s what makes it worth it for your clients:

All over the country, functional medicine doctors are charging at least $400 for an intake session, with who knows how much for a follow-up ($100-$195 at minimum?!)

And then on top of that: you have to buy and take so many pricey supplements.

The price tag to make these foundational nutritional shifts is hefty to say the least.

With Vital Mind Reset you’re able to offer something just as valuable for your clients while giving them a chance to take sovereignty over their health. And resolving root causes.

So you don’t need to rely on the revenue model of having chronic patients. But can instead lean into extraordinary outcomes that help people claim full authority over their health, and step into self ownership, for good.

Which means you get to help more people get the revolutionary outcomes they deserve, faster, and then dig into your complimentary wellness practice (if that’s what you offer). Or you take them through VMR and they tell all their friends. Either way, everyone wins.

Let’s break through any self-imposed earnings & impact ceilings, together

Investing in this training is ultimately an investment in Your Self. In your business. And in what you have to offer your community. One of the most powerful ceiling busters I know is to open your field to radical new opportunities by adding a new skill set to your serviceful toolkit. When you invest in YOU, others do too.

Especially because:

When you do this work, the ripples spread out in all ways. 💫

Meaning that just by immersing yourself in this program, you’ll be steeping in lifestyle changes that last for the rest of YOUR life.

Which is a win win. Because when you’re empowered, you empower the people around you. Your community, your clients, your friends and beyond.

Let sovereignty be the map!

Become a vmr certified coach

Invest in your profitable new business portal today!


  • Coaching Certification in 12 weeks

  • Ability to License VMR to your clients

  • Supported VMR with LIVE group coaching calls + follow up integration with Jamie

  • 12 Live Calls

  • Our own private community for 6 months from program start

  • Introductory Marketing toolkit and access to 8 live marketing sessions with Soulful Sales Company

  • Six-month membership in our community and three months of marketing support

  • The option for continued membership with directory listing and unlimited licensing

(that's a total value of $21,000+)!

Program add-ons:
Add private sessions with kelly brogan

Get 2 private 90-minute sessions with Kelly
Step deeply into your power and work through *any* lingering victim consciousness blocks.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: This is one of the only ways to experience a 1:1 with Kelly.

Add private sessions with kelly brogan

Get 3 private 60-minute sessions with Jamie

Work through inner blocks, beliefs and limitations that hold you back from midwifing others through this portal.

Focus on your vision and how you can fully step into it.


Wondering whether this is the right program for you?


If you resonate with any of the above, this is your portal to more profit & purpose in 2024 and beyond. See you so soon!
Enroll here

Meet Your Mentors

Kelly Brogan, md

As a holistic psychiatrist, bestselling author, and reclamation queen, I’ve dedicated myself to challenging big pharma and promoting body sovereignty. In my psychiatric practice, I focus on resolving root causes of syndromes and symptoms, steering away from conventional medicine that often perpetuates victim consciousness.

My mission is to empower you to guide others beyond the fear of symptoms, fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and intuitive action. I’m thrilled for you to share the transformative impact of Vital Mind Reset, a revolutionary approach that can expand your practice and enrich your community.

Together, let’s help others get real, get well, and get free. 🖤🔥

Jamie Davidson

For over five years, I’ve worked closely with Kelly as the Vital Mind Reset coach and community integrator. In this unique mentorship, I’ve guided thousands on their journey to self-ownership, health, and spiritual reclamation through circles and coaching. Discovering Dr. Kelly Brogan’s work was my lifeline back to myself, and now I’m dedicated to guiding others towards the same liberation.

The transformation VMR catalyzes is profound. It’s a choice between playing it safe or embracing the divine within. The former leads to dis-ease, while the latter requires a leap of faith. Having walked in the dark for a long time, I understand its depths and what it takes to choose the light. As a VMR, I’m here to guide you through that process and show you how. This is my expertise—I have a sixth sense as a facilitator to identify obstacles and ignite your gifts. I look forward to holding space for you and helping you cultivate your coaching offering.

Dan Harrison

Of Soulful Sales Company

Dan Harrison is a soulful business mentor and paradigm shifter dedicated to guiding wellness experts and health professionals through the labyrinth of online business growth. Once entrenched in the world of finance as a top-performing CFP, Dan’s journey led him to become a beacon of authenticity, championing relationship-based marketing and transformational leadership. Drawing from his extensive experience as a financial advisor for major asset managers in Canada, Dan now channels his expertise into mentoring others on their path to success. With a focus on authentic selling and soul-led community building, he empowers his clients to unlock their true potential and thrive in the digital landscape. Dan is a catalyst for change, illuminating the path to abundance and fulfillment for those ready to grow on their entrepreneurial journey.

Your world class marketing kit providers

Dawn & Elyssa of All Connected Agency

Dawn Petrin - Copy coach & funnel architect

Elyssa Jakim - Storytelling strategist & conversion copywriter

All Connected Agency, a consortium of badass conversion-focused brand designers and copywriters here to help you ring in high-vibe sales. All while leaving everyone’s world better for interacting with your work 💅

We’re here to support your sustainable success. So that you feel amazing about your marketing — because it fully conveys your message and mission. And leads to audience growth and epic conversions, nbd.

You know I love a good Q&A…

What is Vital Mind Reset and how do I facilitate the program with my clients?

Vital Mind Rest is an evidence-based 44-day online program that combines nutrition, detox, meditation, and self-empowerment for a truly holistic approach to healing mind and body.
Whether you want to get off prescription meds & heal chronic illness; move through stress, anxiety & depression; or just plain feel your absolute best for the rest of your life.
You can learn more about the program here.

Coaches will receive licensed access to this already packaged 44-day program that they can then provide to clients.

When are the calls?

VMR Certification will ask that you attend the weekly calls scheduled for our simultaneous VMR Live Program group beginning on March 25th. In addition to these seven 60-minute weekly calls, there will be 12 90 to 120-minute certification-specific calls that will be scheduled through June.

Vital Mind Reset Program Live Call Schedule:

  • March 25th -12PM ET - Opening call with Kelly
  • April 2nd, 4PM ET - Jamie
  • April 9th, 12PM ET - Jamie
  • April 16th, 4PM ET - Jamie
  • April 23rd, 12PM ET - Jamie
  • April 30th, 4PM ET - Jamie
  • May 6th, 12PM ET - Closing call with Kelly

Vital Mind Reset Certification Call Schedule:

  • March 28th, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • April 4th, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • April 11th, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • April 18th, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • April 25th, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • May 2nd, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • May 9th, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • May 14th, 12PM ET (Kelly)
  • May 23rd, 4PM ET (Jamie)
  • May 28th, 12PM ET (Kelly)
  • June 6th, 4PM ET (Jamie)

We recommend using this online tool if you have questions about when these calls occur in your local time zone.

Due to the intimate nature of the VMR program calls, they are recorded in full and made available only through May 8th.

Certification calls will be recorded in full and available for continual access through a folder that we will provide.

Are the calls recorded? Do I have to attend live?

We believe the best way to begin supporting others doing the Vital Mind Reset program is to experience it. We strongly recommend prioritizing the VMR program calls (these will not be certification-focused) if you are able. It's in these calls where you'll be able to witness Jamie's support and the magic of this group.

Due to the intimate nature of the VMR program calls, they are recorded in full and made available only through May 8th. You will not be able to go back and watch these after this date.

Certification calls will be recorded in full and available for continual access through a folder that we will provide.

What’s the time commitment for this program?

We’ll meet twice a week for the first 6 weeks where you’ll both be supported through the VMR process AND given the chance to witness and participate in the same sort of coaching scenarios you’re likely to encounter when you’re the one coaching others.

Then we’ll shift to one meeting each week here you’ll get the chance to explore the sovereign mindset shifts you need to integrate in order to hold space for your clients.

Plus, you’ll get a clarifying Q+A with yours truly and marketing support from my own badass marketing team.

All of this is to say: within 11 calls, a very approachable amount of self-study, & a willingness to show up – you will be certified and taking clients by June 2024.

Can I expect to see business growth from joining?

The 6-month program offers you the opportunity to get certified in an established program that you can start offering your clients and use to attract new ones.

The initial 6-month offering includes introductory marketing and business support. A more formal business-growth container will be offered as a separate membership introduced in month six, which unlocks unlimited licensing and a featured listing in our directory.

How long is the program?

This is a thoroughly actionable program that you can start implementing by June 2024, when people are focused on starting the year strongly. We celebrate radical responsibility around here, so we're looking for practitioners who want to hit the ground running and start implementing this powerful protocol into their practice.

Are there any ongoing fees for maintaining certification?

After you're certified, you'll be offered the opportunity to join our monthly membership offering unlimited licensing for a flat fee. If you choose not to join this membership, an a la carte option will be made available with an annual licensing fee of $500.

How do I meet the others in the group?

We host our community on the platform. You will be given access to the VMR program group where non-certification members are actively going through the 44 days, as well as a separate group we created for our certification members.

You'll have access to the VMR program group for 44 days and the VMR certification group until you are certified after three months. For the remainder of the 6-month container, you'll be invited into separate membership community with the option to continue after the initial three months.

We hope that you'll make life-long connections in this group!

What is your refund policy?

VMR Certification is a non-refundable investment. Payment plans are to cover the total cost in full and cannot be cancelled. You can review the full refund policy prior to purchase here.

Need more clarity?

A few extra ways to know if Mital Mind Reset Certification is perfect for you

Read through our

Check out the perfect “for you if” Checklist

Book a connection call with Jamie Davidson