Ladies, Don't Take The Bait

feminine reclamation video

Hi, ladies! Real talk...

I personally am no longer practicing a lifestyle of entitlement, resentment, and indignation. I'm on the reclamation path.

And I recognized a couple of years ago that when I insist that my needs be met, that what I value be prioritized, and that I otherwise experience safety from a source that has never offered me those conditions, I am trying to buy eggs from the hardware store. And I am giving it up and giving my power away.

That's why I left the medical system...

That's why I left Waldorf education...

And that's why I left my marriage. 💔

When we are in trauma patterns and associated victim consciousness, we can vacillate between compliance and obedience and caretaking, and the subtle and secret and wishful expectation that we will get our needs met if we are a good girl.

And then we begin to experience the dissatisfaction and disillusionment and frustration. And we start to rebel against the system.

Watch my thoughts on the recent Supreme Court decision above...

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