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🧠 Sept. 22: 3 Tips for a Clear, Focused Mind

Start to reduce brain fog and mental fuzziness... with three immediate interventions that make a huge difference through very minimal effort.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Sept. 23: First Steps to Resolve Anxiety

Dig into some of the most common root cause drivers of anxiety. Get my top recommendations for quick stabilization of your nervous system and resolution of anxiety. 

🔓 Sept 24: The #1 Healing Tool (Hint: You Already Have It)

Conventional medicine tells us to believe that our bodies are fundamentally flawed. Discover how to unlock a depth of healing potential that's already fully available to you. 

☎️ Sept. 25: 12pm ET *LIVE* Integration & Support Call

Join Kelly *LIVE* to celebrate your successes, cultivate connection, and gain deeper support for healing. Learn how to keep  and create lasting results as you ease into your innate healing capacity. 

Plus our very own virtual community with daily prompts, accountability, and support.

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Get ready for a clean slate for your whole body. Because you can revitalize your physical, mental, & emotional health – naturally.

Get my simple, game-changing steps to reverse brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and auto-immune issues. The holistic way.


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DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE VALUE of small steps, consistently taken. Making just a few simple changes to your day will create major shifts, and quickly build your momentum towards healing.

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If you feel bogged down, stuck in survival mode, or like you just can’t access your full potential…

…Or if you experience debilitating fatigue, fuzzy thinking, or persistent, endless worry…

Calm Body, Clear Mind is for you! Because You'll Discover how to: 

Break up with brain fog as you reduce overwhelm and calmly inhabit your body with a rejuvenated mind.

  Release fatigue and revitalize your everyday energy levels.

  Take the first steps to resolve anxiety & depression.

Enhance your overall mental health, focus, & clarity as you come home to your innate healing capacity.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn as you calm your body & clear your mind…

The real reasons behind brain fog and the 3 easy changes you can make to return to your inherent mental clarity and focus.

What feelings of overwhelm, fear, and anxiety are truly about, and how you can start the process of reversing an unsettling diagnosis.

Why mindset matters. Uncover how to get unstuck, as well as how to let go of the things that don't serve you. In service of a more fulfilled you.

Inspirational stories of people just like you who’ve overcome chronic issues and how they did it. Because like the 1000s of the extraordinary people in my world who've reversed the overwhelming tide of symptoms, so can you!

Immediately clear the slate and accelerate your healing journey — with easy-to-implement lifestyle changes that feel like a deeply deserved delight to your senses —as well as your sense of self.


"When I first encountered Kelly Brogan’s work, I was 5 months postpartum, breastfeeding, and feeling emotionally and physically depleted. Calm Body Clear Mind was full of the most simple yet profound resources that helped me bring my body back online.

Taking Calm Body Clear Mind was a relief, a breath of fresh air, and seriously changed the way I felt in my body right away. If you have a billion plates spinning and need to make sure you carve out more space for yourself – Calm Body Clear Mind will help you get and stay on track. It feels like a nourishing reward."

– Katharine

A note from Dr. Kelly Brogan, your guide in radical health reclamation 💌

Hi lovely human! I'm Dr. Kelly Brogan — holistic psychiatrist, New York Times bestselling author of A Mind of Your Own, and creator of the revolutionary and radical online program, Vital Mind Reset. 

I’m SO excited to invite you to my game changing Calm Body, Clear Mind Workshop.

To give you a bit more context for this science-based, revolutionary work, I completed my psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a B.S. from MIT in Systems Neuroscience. 

In my psychiatric practice, I specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms. I have a unique take on these symptoms after a decade of clinical experience… and because I’ve been there personally.

My medical-history making health protocol Vital Mind Reset is backed by a randomized clinical trial and has helped 1000s of wonderful people take back their health.

The truth is:

SIMPLE changes can make the biggest difference. 

You already have what it takes to feel better, and with me as your guide out of the wilderness, you'll be able to skip years of trying to trace your symptoms to their source without a map. Because every single human has an innate capacity to heal herself when properly guided.

The truth is: 

Your body has the capacity to heal — radically and naturally. 

The practices you'll learn in Calm Body Clear Mind help you come home to your feelings of wholeness, your radiance, and your aliveness.

The key is to say YES to your body as you take one simple action in the direction of freedom, one liberating moment at a time. You deserve to feel amazing every day, and you deserve to put you first. You are worth it. The more you prioritize feeling good, the more everyone else in your life will feel the positive effects of your dedication to yourself. 

The most important thing I want you to take-away is this: Your symptoms are a message. Sure, that message can be a little scary. But on the other side of fear is the life you really want to live.

Claim that life and the health that you deserve today!

When you join me for this revolutionary workshop, you'll get three super actionable teaching videos with simple steps you can leverage to restore a sense of balance between mind and body. 

Plus, at the end we'll gather together for a LIVE support call! I'll answer your questions, celebrate your success, and help you get the LASTING results your body and mind are capable of.

It all starts with small but essential steps toward calming your body and clearing your mind. 

Can't wait to see you at the LIVE event… and to watch you rise!


Kelly Brogan, MD

Stop feeling sick and tired.
You have what it takes to rewrite your health story now

Treat yourself to Calm Body Clear Mind – our game-changing 3-Day Mini Course, LIVE Support Call, and Virtual Community. All for just $37!

Rewrite your story

Here's how Dr. Kelly Brogan's approach supports radical healing experiences…

"I started having a really bad string of panic attacks…
Now I exercise every day, have plenty of energy to do it… no mood swings, my sleep is perfect. I don't sit around and worry anymore. I make self-care my number one priority."

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Alicia found spiritual transformation through tapering off of antidepressants.

"I was even told that withdrawal symptoms were not a real thing…. I'm not at the mercy of someone else to heal me. I can heal from within. I am in control of my health"


Jordan addressed postpartum depression and lifelong anxiety.

"Not until now have I realized why taking care of yourself is so important. That's what I've been able to receive."


Jonathan let go of cravings, and became inspired to change the fabric of his life.

"For the first time in my life, I haven't even wanted a beer, and I used to love it. It's pretty amazing what Kelly's work has done for me."


Mari finally healed her thyroid imbalance with the help of one key tool.

"The biggest change that made it possible was the shift in my mindset. I know that I know my body best."