Welcome to Reclamation Radio, a podcast that guides you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Hosted by Dr. Kelly Brogan, a holistic psychiatrist and medical history-making clinician, Reclamation Radio delves into new conversations, paradigms, and resources to help you move through the shame wall that keeps you arrested in victimhood, and into the lived experience of personal responsibility and the power of choice.


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Episode 53

Reclaimed Woman: The Book!

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Episode 52

Is Blissful Birth a Choice? with Yolande Norris-Clarke

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Episode 51

Feminine Homecoming

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Episode 50

Masculine & Feminine Visualization

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Episode 49

The Pleasure of the Struggle

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Episode 48

Audacious Embodiment Take Homes

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Episode 47

Anatomy of Disempowerment with Ximy Gonzalez

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Episode 46

Why Flower Remedies are Feminine Medicine with Katie Hess

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Episode 45

Tantra, Boundaries, and Sexual Healing with Laurie Handlers

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Episode 44

Are You a Girlfriend or a Wife? With Om Rupani

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Episode 43

The Feminine Shadow of Arguing Your Case

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Episode 42

The Master Plant Experience with Maya Shetreat MD

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Episode 41

Navigating a Crisis of Faith

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Episode 40

The Sacred Prostitute

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Episode 39

Discovering Blissful Exchanges in Giving and Receiving with River Roaring

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Episode 38

Erotic Leadership with Kimi Inch

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Episode 37

Curing Sick Mentality with Jamie Davidson

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Episode 36

The Power of Choice: Reclaiming Your Story Through Lifestyle Hacks

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Episode 35

Make Art Out of Your Pain with Madelyn Moon

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Episode 34

Maturing Food Boundaries

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Episode 33

I See Myself in You: Family Constellation with Amerly Centeno

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Episode 32

8 Signs You're in Victim Consciousness

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Episode 31

Unveiling Modern Masculinity with Aubrey Marcus

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Episode 30

Reclamation of Courtship

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Episode 29

Why German New Medicine with Dr. Melissa Sell

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Episode 28

5 Signs You're Giving Your Power Away

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Episode 27

Erotic Mind

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Episode 26

Emotional Alchemy with Akasha

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Episode 25

What's a Well-f*cked Woman?

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Episode 24

Existential Kink and Why It Hurts So Good with Carolyn Elliott

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Episode 23

Wear Your Villain Crown

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Episode 22

BDSM: 5 Ways It Can Heal Your Life

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Episode 21

I Love Outlander

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Episode 20

The Surprising Reason Childbirth Can Kill a Couple’s Eros with Eyla Cuenca

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Episode 19

Victimless Parenting with Sterna Suissa

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Episode 18

8 Tips for Raising Emotionally Mature Children

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Episode 17

Meet Your Songstress with Dominique Zuniga

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Episode 14

How To Speak Your Boundaries

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Episode 13

Living Proof: Thyroid, Panic, and Insomnia Can Heal with Kelly Cibart

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Episode 12

What’s The Best Diet?

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Episode 11

Healing Beyond the Prescription Pad

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Episode 10

Uncovering the Truth About Anxiety, Depression & Meds

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Episode 9

10 Spiritual Lessons I Learned

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Episode 16

Voice Reclamation

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Episode 15

If Not Government, Then What?

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Episode 8

The Art of Self-Relating with Whitney

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Episode 7

Why The Truth Matters with Dr. Tom Cowan

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Episode 6

Embodiment As Activism

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Episode 5

Make Every Man Bigger with Om Rupani

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Episode 4

Meet Your Disappointment - A Guided Meditation

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Episode 3

End The War With Men

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Episode 2

The Trap of Feminism

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Episode 1

25 Ways I've Become That Which I Judged

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Reclamation is what's required to truly Own Your Self. 

It hurts to have unmet needs. And it sucks to scurry after crumbs when you’re starving. Join Kelly Brogan MD, as she teaches us how our pain points are portals. She’ll help you discover a world where every seeming challenge is a new chapter in your most audacious story. Plot twists, body symptoms, and heartbreak each represent an opportunity to own ourselves and learn to better wield the power of choice. Kelly will take you on a reclamation journey from the battlefield of victim consciousness to the sovereignty of self-devoted pleasure and expose every surprising place you’ve given your power away. Explore the tools you’ll need to find out what you want, how to ask for it and how to stand in fierce alignment with yourself.

On this podcast, you will learn how to: 
  • Dismantle abusive and disempowering dynamics in every realm of your life from health and medicine to politics to romance to parenting
  • Quit colluding with your own self-violation
  • Transform your relationships from codependency to interdependence
  • Identify the woundology that was established through your early conditioning
  • Explore how these wounds fuel the key battles that cause your deepest suffering and disconnection from self
  • Learn to cultivate curiosity about discomfort, and use pain points as portals
  • Probe beneath your upset to uncover the unmet needs beneath
  • Re-parent these needs from the driver’s seat of your adult self
  • Smoke out your “victim story” and all of the ways in which blame is preventing you from wielding your sovereign power
  • Find out the reasons why you keep getting stuck and discover how to get free
  • Play with your polarity points, locating where you “split” from parts of yourself, and welcoming these pieces of you back to the whole
  • Expand your nervous system’s capacity to hold challenging emotions
  • Learn how to love the part of you that hates what’s happening
  • Transform unconscious reactivity to conscious response
  • Alchemize your shame into creative self-expression
  • Unleash the wildness that awaits beneath your woundology, and the many faces of your fierce feminine
  • Discover the depths of your desire nature, and how to get what you actually want
  • Turn self-devotion into a daily spiritual practice
  • End the war with your body, mind, and spirit, and with the people around you

Reclamation Radio is not just a podcast, it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With Dr. Kelly Brogan's guidance and the wisdom of her expert guests, you will delight in the journey home to yourself...

"Listening to Reclamation has been a game-changer for me. I finally feel like I'm in control of my life and my choices."

 — Lisa

About Dr. Kelly Brogan

KELLY BROGAN, MD, is a soul alchemist and threshold guardian devoted to the transformation of collective consciousness. As a young know-it-all atheist, candy-addict, straight-A MIT neuroscience major and Ivy-league trained psychiatrist, she specialized in feeding women, herself included, straight into the mouth of the medicated beast. After a Hashimoto’s healing journey inspired her to sound the alarm on the bait-and-switch of big pharma, she became a renegade activist—authoring the New York Times bestseller, A Mind of Your Own, and its follow-up, Own Your Self; co-editing the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression; and eventually becoming an honorary member of the Disinformation Dozen. She is the creatrix of Vital Mind Reset, the online health reclamation program, and the membership community Vital Life Project. She’s a human, cat, and chicken mom.

Are you ready to break free from the status quo and embrace true autonomy? Tune in to Reclamation Radio and start your journey towards self-sovereignty and freedom. Subscribe now and start living a life of choice and personal responsibility

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