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Psychiatry & Organized Crime

The science is settled.

Have you heard this proclamation before about a controversial medical topic?

I have, and it makes me smile. Or maybe smirk. It feels almost like my toddler frothing up a...

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The Cocktail Effect

Be skeptical.

Be very skeptical when you are delivered platitudes of reassurance about the safety of chemicals and pharmaceutical products from those who stand to profit from their sales. It can...

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Baby & Breast: Perfect Together

Healthy Gut

If we want healthy guts, we have to develop a collective consciousness about the origins of the microbiome. Knowing how something is made helps you to fix it when it’s broken. So,...

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C-Section: What We Are Learning

Unintended consequences.

This is a critical concept to wrap your mind around if you are going to engage conventional medicine and its drugs, surgeries, and procedures. In my efforts to warn women...

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The Tiniest Ones: Doctors Ignore Data on Premises
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Did Your Gyn Tell You The Pill Could Kill?

Rare risks are only rare if they happen to someone else. It's my belief that no one is engaging the principles of informed consent when it comes to the birth control pill. Now, the science is...

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Turmeric and Depression: The Neuroprotective Effects of Curcumin

In an animal model of depression, researchers explored possible antidepressant mechanisms of the polyphenolic compound, curcumin, in the traditional spice, turmeric.

  • After identifying...
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Psych Meds Put 49 Million Americans at Risk for Cancer

With one in five Americans taking a psychiatric medication, most of whom, long term, we should probably start to learn a bit more about them. In fact, it would have been in the service of true...

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Tylenol Numbing You Out?

"Just take a Tylenol."

This might as well be the American mantra. It's the perspective that we have been indoctrinated to adopt - our bodies are full of annoying symptoms that can be suppressed by...

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Antidepressants: No Diagnosis Needed

With 11% of Americans on antidepressants and one in four women of reproductive age, one would assume these pharmaceutical products are well-studied and clinically indicated. As I have discussed,...

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BRCA: The Lore of the Breast Cancer Gene

Because it takes 17 years for basic science research, and paradigm-shifting data to trickle into our doctor's offices, medicine today is still operating on a one gene-one ill-one pill model. A...

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Milk Got You On Fire?

I used to be a dairy addict. When my naturopath asked me to give up gluten and dairy 6 years ago, it was approximately 2 more years before I stopped fantasizing about cheese, milk, ice cream,...

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