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EMF Shielding: More Important During Pregnancy?

While I have grave concerns about pharmaceuticals, I recognize that as long as we have a choice to engage the medical model, we should be relatively more invested in the involuntary...

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The Microbiome of the Womb

Far from the sterile womb hypothesis, we are beginning to appreciate the nature of maternal-fetal communication on levels never dreamt necessary, possible, or even safe. Read what Keith Bell...

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C-Section: What We Are Learning

Unintended consequences.

This is a critical concept to wrap your mind around if you are going to engage conventional medicine and its drugs, surgeries, and procedures. In my efforts to warn women...

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The Tiniest Ones: Doctors Ignore Data on Premises
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Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound

We want to trust. We want, almost need, to believe that medical and pharmaceutical interventions have been vetted. When our doctors tell us not to worry, we want to take their word for it.


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Natural Birth & Breastfeeding: Replaceable?

Natural Birth & Breastfeeding

Now that we know the microbiome exists and is largely responsible for our digestion, immunity, and assimilation and production of...

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Pitocin Is Not Oxytocin

What is Oxytocin?

“The Love Hormone”.  Sounds important, no? Turns out that we know very little about the hormone oxytocin, beyond that it is incredibly relevant to multiple...

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Probiotics for Prevention: The New Psychiatry

Rather than throwing medications at the ever increasing suffering of our populace, perhaps we should start asking “What is going on”?. Perhaps we should start engaging in preventive...

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The Physiology and Treatment of Depression – Paleo Baby Podcast

This week Dr. Kelly Brogan joins Julie to shine light on the physiology and treatment of depression. Listen in as they cover how depression is mistreated in Western Medicine, understanding...

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The New Feminism: Taking It Back

A Kundalini practitioner recently shared with me the symbology of the Adi Shakti. A mesmerizing interlocking of a karmic circle, a double-edged weapon and two encompassing swords, this is a...

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Steps to a Healthy Microbiome

My patients are often surprised when I ask them where they were born and whether or not hospital walls and their mother’s vaginal canal were key players in their emergence. As someone who...

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