Sugar is Highly Addictive

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A hormone-disrupting, immune-derailing, and cancer-feeding substance, sugar is also highly addictive as has been demonstrated by the health of the American population. Several animal studies such as this one tempted rats with Oreos and found that their reward-seeking behavior and brain activation was the same as for rats injected with cocaine and morphine.

  • Studies and media representation of studies like this, misleadingly label foods like Oreos as “high fat” which doctors and patients tend to equate with eggs and steak, or saturated fat containing foods. The fat in snacks like this is often hydrogenated trans fats and always vegetable oils, inflammatory in their own right.
  • Sugary processed food products such as this place you on a rollercoaster of insulin and blood sugar dysregulation affecting mood and anxiety.
  • Go on a 7-10 day sugar detox to see what the real you looks like, free of the influence of this toxin.

Read more about the study showing that sugar is highly addictive.

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