6 Natural Products That Actually Work

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Lessen Your Toxic Load

In your quest to find products that support a healthy, conscious lifestyle, do you sometimes feel like you have to compromise between effective and safe? We've been led to believe that this is the case, through powerful marketing forces that position chemicals as king, and “all-natural” as the watered-down, over-priced alternative.

Adding to this confusion is the trend of green packaging. Since the FDA does not regulate what goes into health and beauty products, companies cash-in on health-conscious consumers willing to pay more for clean, safe products. Green, leafy logos and words like “all natural” can conceal the fact that what’s inside the bottle is anything but!

The Need for Safe Alternatives

While consulting a list of toxic products to avoid is easy enough, taking the time to read labels and ingredient lists for literally EVERYTHING you buy can be really taxing, not to mention, a total drag! Perhaps this is why people ask me all the time, “What do you use?”

To help make your adventures in detox a little easier, I am sharing a short list of some of the natural products that I love, and that you can feel good about using. Most importantly, they work great and feel luxurious!

Six Natural Products that Work

1. Deodorant

There are plenty of lovely, all-natural soaps on the market (heck, one bottle of Doc Bronner’s lasts forever), but have you tried all-natural deodorants? A long-time “stress sweat-er”I have too many consumer-disappointment experiences to count. (Turns out there’s a lot of room for innovation still in the holistic personal fragrance arena). ) Then I found THE ONE and there was no turning back.

For many,  Fat and the Moon’s decadent deodorant cream is the final stop. Aluminium-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free, they even make a version for sensitive skin. It feels creamy, luxurious, won’t stain your clothes, and best of all, it works with your body to alchemize your sweat into something reliably neutral!! 

2. Dental Care

I love all the products at Living Libations, but I’m particularly psyched about their organic dental care products. With toothpastes, restorative serums, tools and techniques, Nadine Artemis is a holistic wizard and devoted purveyor of some of the most immaculate products on the market. She has a passion for natural medicine and spells out exactly how to keep your mouth happy and healthy using plant-based ingredients. She even wrote a book on holistic dental care!

3. Hair Care

I know legions of women that will not let a bite of inorganic food touch their lips, yet they still receive traditional, chemical-laden hair coloring treatments on a regular basis. While the United States is slow to get on the boat of consumer safety, European agencies have been proactive about banning certain hair-dye chemicals linked to cancer. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to banish the grays and still stay on the safe side of the issue?hairprint

Enter Hairprint! Not a dye, but a color restorer, this revolutionary technology presents a new alternative to “coloring” your hair. It’s safe, non-toxic, and according to the company, “The reason Hairprint looks so natural on your hair is because it is natural.” They also carry a line of shampoos and conditioners handcrafted from botanicals. The only downside: this is only a brunette-friendly option.

4. Birth Control

I am a card-carrying feminist, and once upon a time, you would have had to pry my birth control pills from my tightly clenched fists. Then I learned the truth about hormonal birth control, and began connecting with my natural rhythms instead of battling my cycle.

But how to do this safely and accurately? With so much at stake, marking a calendar and hoping for the best is not a great way forward. That’s why I am in love with Daysy Personal Fertility Calculator. A highly accurate fertility awareness method, Daysy takes your temperature and monthly cycle data and tells you if the next 24 hours is a fertile period or not fertile. There’s even an app that lets you track your fertility status on the go. No hormones, no side effects, just natural awareness of your body’s own cycle. Amazing!

5. Personal Health


There is much that women can do to ensure sexual and reproductive health which lies beyond the realm of medicine. Practices that align body, mind and spirit restore and revitalize from within, rather than looking outside the self for remedies. It’s in this spirit that I have come to cherish my yoni egg. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vulva, which encompasses the power of divine feminine creativity.

A yoni egg is a small, smooth, egg-shaped stone that is inserted and held inside the vagina, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. When used regularly, amazing things happen: menstrual difficulties lessen (or cease altogether), abdominal and lower back strength increase (improving posture), and orgasms intensify - aka, you reignite the source of your true feminine power.

Beyond this, profound healing can occur from the enhanced awareness and sense of connectedness that develops through this sacred practice.

6. General Detox

From skin brushing to neti potting, I borrow much of my daily routine from ancient Ayurvedic practices. Tongue scraping is a fast, painless process that accomplishes a LOT: removing dead skin cells, food particles, and microbes from the surface of the tongue, as well as boosting overall immunity and improving digestion.

Once adopted, tongue scraping will never be abandoned! I use my copper tongue scraper several times a day. You can find them all over Amazon, in any drugstore, or try this one from Living Libations.

Start Small for Big Results

Remember, we as individuals are the only sentinels at the gates of our health. But the empowering truth is that what is good for us is good for this ailing planet. When you come into alignment around the power of nature to heal, the resonance of this choice literally heals the world. It just feels good. Enjoy!

For more tried-and-tested personal care products, as well as safe products for the home, check out my Resources page.

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