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A Smart Phone for Freedom Fighters

Ramiro is an awakened software engineer who has dedicated himself to helping you take back your tech.

He is the founder of my latest phone exploration - Above Phone.

If you have concerns about the...

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What's the healthiest diet?

The truth is, only you know.

And the path to discovering your optimal relationship to the elements of the natural world that you consume on a daily basis, is a physiospiritual journey as unique as...

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10 Spiritual Lessons I've Learned From Pole Dancing

I can’t do that.

This phrase is the mantra of the disempowered. And that’s why I now have a practice of smoking it out of the recesses of my reality narration. What in life do I want...

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Ladies, Don't Take The Bait

Hi, ladies! Real talk...

I personally am no longer practicing a lifestyle of entitlement, resentment, and indignation. I'm on the reclamation path.

And I recognized a couple of years ago that...

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Ophora Water

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been on the search for a quality water filtration system for a while now. And while I’ve typically recommended the Berkey countertop...

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Existential Kink & Why It Hurts So Good

Suffering ends where meaning begins

I penned that phrase a few years ago. Then a few months ago, as my life-as-I-knew-it exploded, it stopped feeling entirely true. I was suffering even...

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Aubrey Marcus Interview

What if all of your symptoms are serving an intelligent function? There is a new field of medicine emerging, and Dr. Kelly Brogan MD is one of the pioneers of this field. In this podcast, we...

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Are Your Parents Emotionally Immature?

Have you ever felt like if you start crying, you might never stop?

If so, it’s likely that you experienced growing up under the care of what Dr. Lindsay Gibson calls emotionally immature...

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Heal the Madonna/Whore Split

For several years now, my soul has whispered, Eros is what will restore our fragmented world. And the world starts with you, Kelly.

Eros, to my mind, is embodied life-force energy. It is the...

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Conscious Initiatives Interview

I recently sat down with the team from Conscious Initiatives to talk about the state of the world.

Despite a challenging day for me personally, this 30-min presentation turned out to be one of my...

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Codependent, Addicted, Toxic Love: How to Break Free

If you’ve ever wondered why you're always attracted to “the wrong person,” this exploration is for you.

First, what even is attraction?

Is it pheromonal? Aesthetic? Does it grow...

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Spiritual Bypass

Spiritual Novocain: Are you running from yourself into the light?

Are we all one or are we all alone?

If you consciously identify with one pole, odds are that your lived reality keeps bringing you...

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